Artist Statement

I believe that a true artist does not belong to a race, religion or ethnicity. The creative person comes from many walks of life. They are, I think, gifted and that gift should be utilized to better mankind, and never stop, for they are creation.

Once I read a poem written by Milton, it was called "On His Blindness." Milton went blind in his later years. In his poem he tells us that, "The poet must use his poetic talent to continue writing poetry. If he doesn’t, God will punish him for not using it, because he was chosen over others by God for his poetic talent”. I believe this lesson to be true! Sometimes I ask what happened to that painter or that artist?  I don't see them anymore. They say, “Oh! - he or she retired!” It makes sense then that, "artists don't retire - they die".

To me color expression is very personal and private. I like using bright and strong colors. When I put them side by side relating to each other on the canvas, it gives me a great feeling. By definition, a great painting has a great feeling!